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All Rise Season 2 Episode 5 “The Peril of the Plea” Synopsis

All Rise Season 2 Spoilers

CBS has released the episode statement for the 5th installment of All Rise season 2 episode 5. All Rise season 2 episode 5 is titled “The Peril of the Plea”.

All Rise 2×5 “The Peril of the Plea” Episode Guide

As the holidays descend upon the Hall of Justice, Lola begins her first jury trial in the COVID era. Also, Mark digs deeper into his case against a police officer.

The cast for this episode includes, Simone Missick as Lola Carmichael, Wilson Bethel as Mark Callan, Marg Helgenberger as Lisa Benner, Jessica Camacho as Emily Lopez, J. Alex Brinson as Luke Watkins, Lindsay Mendez as Sara Castillo, Ruthie Ann Miles as Sherri Kansky, Lindsey Gort as Amy Quinn, Audrey Corsa as Samantha Powell, Reggie Lee as Head DDA Thomas Choi, Ryan Michelle Bathe as Rachel Audubon, Samantha Marie Ware as Vanessa “Ness” Johnson, Paul McCrane as Judge Laski, Patricia Rae as Judge Delgado, Steven Williams as Tony Carver, Shalim Ortiz as Joaquin Luna, L. Scott Caldwell as Roxy Robinson, Suzanne Cryer as DDA Maggie Palmer, Ian Anthony Dale as DA Louis Bravo and Ahmad Dugas as Bailiff Douglas.

The guest cast includes, Louis Herthum as Sheriff Wayne McCarthy, Gabriel Cordell as Omar Aziz, Castulo Guerra as Miguel, Renee Victor as Lupita, Journey Carter as Jillian Parson, August Dantus as Levi Parson, Isaiah Johnson as Leon Parson, Elayn J. Taylor as Juanita Parson, Clayton Thomas as Jaime Hallford, Gita Reddy as Ana Hashemi, P.J. Byrne as Juror Futrell and Louis Herthum as Sheriff Wayne McCarthy.

Stacey K. Black directed the episode written by Briana Belser. All Rise season 2 episode 5 airs on December 14 at 9|8c on CBS.

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