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Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 1 “It’s All In The Execution” Synopsis

prodigal son spoilers

Fox has released the official episode statement for the season 2 premiere of Prodigal Son. Prodigal Son season 2 episode 1 is titled “It’s All In The Execution”.

Prodigal Son 2×1 “It’s All In The Execution” Episode Spoilers

Bright finds his personal life in disarray after his sister’s shocking actions in the Season One finale. Now, he has to “take care” of her and protect his mother, Jessica, from a secret that could tear the family apart all over again. To distract himself, Malcolm takes on a new case and must find the killer behind a recent beheading in the city… and the only person he can turn to for help with the case is his father. Meanwhile, Martin returns to Claremont to a surprise new roommate (guest star Michael Chernus) and JT faces discrimination while on the job.

The cast includes, Tom Payne as Malcolm Bright, Michael Sheen as Dr. Martin Whitly, Bellamy Young as Jessica Whitly, Lou Diamond Phillips as Gil Arroyo, Aurora Perrineau as Dani Powell, Frank Harts as JT Tarmel, Halston Sage as Ainsley Whitly and Keiko Agena as Dr. Edrisa Tanaka.

The Guest cast includes, Michael Laurence as Tom Henry Glanton, Esau Pritchett as Mr. David, Jeanette Dilone as Natalie Barba, Robbie Tann as Boyd Hicks, Jeremy Crutchley as Izzy Collins, Hiram Delgado as Chester and Michael Chernus as Jerry.

Prodigal Son season 2 episode 1 airs on January 12 at 9|8c on Fox.

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